Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Film DIY

Recycle 35mm film canisters

Here is a list of different ways to reuse and recycle 35mm film canisters

One: Storage and Organization!
Use these little organizers to store all of your little things you hate losing. For example...

Memory Cards

Phone-ography lenses

Other ideas include
Safety Pins
Sewing kit
Bobby pins
Push pins
Small screws and nuts
Rubber bands
Guitar Picks

and lastly...


Exactly six dollars in quarters fits in a 35mm film canister.
Use them to keep track of your college and/or thrift store fund
(like we do)

Two: On a less serious note


Also check out our February Film DIY post for a fun photo holder made out of a film canister
Thank you for reading. We look forward to our interview post next week with photographer Brian Finke. Make sure to come back Sunday 4/14 for that!

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