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What's in Your Camera Bag No. 3

What's in your Camera bag?
Hello readers! This week (kind of last minute) we decided to have one of our own writers compose an article on his film equipment. Here it is!

Hello Analog Revival! My name is Jacob Stordahl and I am a film photographer from Minnesota. In this article I will show you what I will usually bring on a regular shoot. 

First off, my bag. I found this old bag in my garage when I was moving and it's perfect! It's an old Panasonic VHS Camcorder bag. It holds everything I need and is easy to handle. 

Next is my film slr setup. I shoot on the Minolta Maxxum Platform with a Maxxum GT and a 5000i both sharing an AF 35-80 macro lense. The GT was my fathers and was only sold in Target Department stores. It's a nice little slr to have around and takes great images. It has minimal settings, however, for the work that I do, I'm usually in good natural light so there aren't a lot of issues. I just recently picked up the 5000i and haven't yet gotten to test it out. From what I've seen the camera looks in great condition and I'm very excited to use it. Lastly the lens. The 35-80 is a great portrait lens because it has pretty shallow depth of field. I love using this lens although most of the time I end up shooting in manual.

Up next is my Polaroid Colorpack II. I picked up this camera online and it really was a shot in the dark. If you don't know much about Polaroid Pack cameras, Polaroid stopped making the peel apart 100 type film a long time ago BUT Fujifilm still makes Color (FP-100C) and Black & White (FP-3000b or FP100B) that fits in most Polaroid pack cameras. I like bringing this camera on a shoot because it's a conversation starter and it also takes some pretty
 good images. Shooting with the black & white is easier because it has a fixed focal length of 5 ft, while the color takes some practice because you have to focus the camera your self. Also for shooting inside, you either need photography lights or flash cubes (pictured below).

Up next might be a camera you're familiar with. I found a bunch of disposable cameras at Goodwill for very cheap, I use them to take a "silly" portrait of who ever I'm shooting. This is just a way for me to keep track of when I shoot and also have a fun way to end a shoot. 

Lastly is my assortment of other things in my bag. I always have my portable reflector since I don't normally use flash. It's compact and easy to work with. I also bring my nook to portrait shoots. I have a bunch of different pose books on there that really help me out when my imagination is running dry. To keep warm I always have a hat, gloves and hand warmers in my bag. Shooting on those cold winter days can be rough without these. One other vital thing is my lens cleaning kit. This little bag has saved me many times for shooting with a dirty lens. 

Thank you for reading! We look forward to having you back next week for our next Film DIY project.
As always, keep shooting.
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