Sunday, March 24, 2013

FILM NEWS: Fujifilm to Raise Film Prices

As of April 2013, Fujifilm will raise their prices on all photographic films. This includes Color Negative Film, Color Reversal Film, Black and White Film and Quick Snap. This is in spite of the price rise implemented in May 2012. The press release even is worded almost identically to the once posted last May. They have said the change is due to a decreasing demand for film, so here's some advice to stop that common misconception. 

Advice from A.R. :

  • Tell EVERYONE about film, and it superiority in the photography world.
  • Start a film photography club.
  • Get friends that shoot digital to try film out.
  • Most of all, keep buying film. Not just from Fuji, but from Kodak, Lomography, Ilford, and others. 
The only way we can keep the film market alive and healthy, is feeding it. Keep buying film, and tell everyone you know, about the wonders of film. 

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