Sunday, May 26, 2013

What's in Your Camera Bag? No. 4

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by Henry Gaudier-Greene

It is difficult for me to list what I carry in mybag, since I seldom carry the same things twice.  I have around 30 cameras, and what I take toa given shoot depends on where I am going, what I can carry comfortably, and whatI want to shoot.   My setup also depends on what cameras I haveloaded already. 

The first bag I use belonged to my father.  I removed the internal divisions, which allowsme to carry larger cameras more easily.

This is a pretty typical set-up for me:  Hasselblad 500c/m (with 150mm lens, 80mm lens,20mm extension tube, and a second 120 back), Polaroid 680, Polaris light meter,and a variety of film.  The Hasselblad isone of my favorite cameras, but sometimes I need a camera that gives me moreoptions.  In that case, I switch out the500 c/m for my Mamiya 645pro.

The second bag I carry is a Lowepro Slingshot.  It isn’t ideally suited for larger shootsbecause I can only carry one camera and few lenses with it.  I typically use it to hold either my NikonF100 (with 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm lenses) or my Mamiya 7.  I find it works well for shooting streetphotography.

The last camera I almost always have with me is myPolaroid 600SE.  I have two backs for it,so I can switch between film types in the middle of a shoot.  I don’t have a bag that holds it comfortably,so I usually have to carry it in some sort of tote.


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